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The President's word

I wish you a warm welcome to the website of our chess club "Cavaliers des Trois Palétuviers"', a club located within the Amazon Rainforest.

This club has several particularities that make it quite unique. To name only a few:

It was created in 2005 - directly from the program "Rectorat de la Guyane, "chess for academic success" - with the purpose of helping scholar education of Amerindian native students; our educational perspective places first the child's personal development. This does not preclude the pursuit of chess excellence, but only if the child is inclined to do so.

Daniel Baur, un président de club heureux

Therefore, we limit the membership to the children of the village and to the adults that offer their help to the club. To this end, every child has a free membership and expenses covered.

The club has received over several occasions the valuable assistance of the French Chess Federation (FFé), BNP Paribas Bank and other sponsors. We hereby thank them.

In addition, having great players in our school which have been offering an extraordinary solidarity and commitment have helped to improve the children's game.

To be more specific, let me name Mathilde Congiu (Woman International Master), seven times French Champion, who has already visited French Guyana 4 times. She is also a Webmaster and a treasurer.

She was recently joined by Delphine Gras, also a great player. Both have offered a remarkable image of the French chess community this year at the International Fair of St Georges Oyapock, as well as memorable simultaneous games in Brazil, our guest of this fair. Delphine is also our secretary.

Delphine and Mathilde are perfect examples of a successful balance between the game at the highest level and a equilibrated life. In this sense, children have a good example because they must learn to bring together their ancestral way of life and modern ways of living.

The soul of the club owes much to the generosity and the availability of these two players, with remarkable chess and human qualities.

Because chess is also an act of sharing; indeed, sharing a common passion, the game is only one aspect. There is also - and especially - exchange and respect. Therefore whether they are a beginner or a master, they not only play against eachother but they also share a moment where a human relationship takes place. And, according to our understanding of chess, this is probably the most essential part.

You will find through these pages a joy of playing chess. At the club, we enjoy playing. Championships or trophies are welcome, but they are a bonus and not imposed. Having said that, we are ready to support our youth with their ambitions of winning titles!

And if you want to know us better, or to propose a project, we welcome you to “Trois Palétuviers” with great pleasure.

Sincerely yours.

Daniel Baur, President